Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should Golden Lion fill all your cleaning needs?

Golden Lion cleaning services is a renowned organization specializing in commercial cleaning with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have cleaned and serviced hundreds of businesses, and continue to do so with our clients who just keep coming back! Golden Lion is known to have customized methods for each type of business and can fit to your schedule and requirements with unmatchable provision. Allow us to show you why we have an exceptionally admirable character through our services, we’ll guarantee you’ll keep coming back.

Is my business secure with Golden Lion’s cleaning service?

Absolutely! Golden Lion will cover the unfortunate event of any damage that occurs during our services. We take great care with your business by training our employees to be mindful as well fully insured to guarantee the safety of your business. Confidentiality within a business is key, and that is why you can be certain Golden Lion values its confidentiality with you.
Our operatives are scanned, police verified and checked with trustworthy references. Golden Lion’s goal is to provide a stress-free cleaning service to your commercial business, contact us today to better learn about how a safe cleaning service is just one phone call away.

What is the best way to get a hold of Golden Lion cleaning service?

Call us at least one day in advance to schedule a visit from us at +1 (416) 568-5055 so we can be better prepared for your business. You can also fill up a Contact form on our website or email us at to book a service.
Our service provider will be more than pleased to fix up a time that best suits your schedule and availability. We also arrange an inspection of your premises to better understand the deals we can offer you!

How can I save money with Golden Lion’s affordable rates?

Golden Lion customizes each package to your requirements and budget. Golden Lion Cleaning Services offers a variety of affordable rates for your cleaning needs. Our unmatchable rates sets us apart from competitors as we not only excel within requirements, but we save you money while doing so! We take into consideration the locality, what time suits you best, which products fit your needs, the form of cleaning required and the size of your property.
We start as low as $15/visit
Contact us now to find out how you can save money at: +1 (416) 568-5055

Is Golden Lion Cleaning Services Fully Bonded And Insured?

Of course, when the agreement was made with the clients, certificate-of-insurance is issued with the enclosed General Liability and Workers Compensation limits. Golden Lion Cleaning Services is fully bonded and insured with complete work. Our team is ready to send the certificates of insurance at your request. We are insured to make sure to protect your most valued assets.

Do You Have Any Quality Control Programs?

Absolutely. We have specialized teams equipped with the extensive knowledge to best prevent any sort of damages and ensure an equally satisfying cleaning. We also make sure to enhance our methods to fit your business based on the area, equipment required and type of cleaning assured. Our quality control methods have been put to the test to make sure we apply the necessary for your business needs. Call in and ask for special packages we can offer.

How does Golden Lion stay up to date with their employees and cleaning methods?

All our employees are licensed and trained as well as are involved through Building Service Contractor Association International (BSCAI) and Building Owner and Manager Associations (BOMA). Golden Lion Cleaning Services is well informed of market trends and we have established the necessary means to stay informed and to meet the daily needs of clients. Please let us know if there is a specific aspect you would like us to focus on.

How do clients communicate with us?

You can get in touch with us at our direct line at 416-568-5055 or through our easy to use website Our regular office hours are 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. Please ensure to contact us on our work phone numbers or through our website only. Our employees will not be allowed to contact you through their personal phones unless otherwise permitted for business purposes. Using client contact information outside of the business agenda is a breach of contract and the code of conduct, resulting in ultimate termination of the contract.

What happens if I can’t pay at the time of service?

In accordance with our policy, we do not perform our services unless a cheque or method of payment has already been issued. We are always willing to discuss methods of payments or how you feel would be beneficial to get the payment across. Please let our management team know in case you have any discrepancies. GLCS is heavily service oriented and we are always ready to fulfill unique requests in terms of payments. If a method of payment was not received prior, our team would put a service charge to cover the cost of sending the employees for completing the job.

Does The Golden Lion Cleaning Services Perform Additional Cleaning Task Beyond Normal Tasks?

Certainly, Golden Lion Cleaning Services offers the best cleaning services beyond the basic or prescribed cleanings. In order to make time to fit into the schedules, our team prepares a weeks’ notice prior to cleaning tasks performed. Prior notice would effectively allow us to fit the schedule and carry on the additional task you require with additional fee.

Do We Need To Be Present On The Site During Cleaning Process?

If you feel comfortable with our cleaning service, then you can give us a key to make things much easier. We are professionals and make sure our service is complete within the given time. Most of the clients choose the cleaning service on a particular every month so that they could enjoy the freshly cleaned atmosphere.

What types of services does Golden Lion Cleaning Services offer?

Our company thoroughly vacuums carpets, wipes down floor furniture, tiles, and windows with options including environmentally safe cleaning products. Our employees are skilled with proper hygienic restroom cleansing and waste disposal. Golden Lion’s trained professionals are dedicated to their work and endure to offer highly efficient services to every client. Based on the circumference and type of business, we are open to altering our methods to fit your needs. Our commercial cleaning services align with your business needs, so please feel free to let us know if there is anything specific that you require.

Why should I pursue my cleaning needs with Golden Lion Cleaning Services?

Golden Lion has trained experts and professions committed to offering the best range of cleaning services. Our flexible rates associated with the type of cleaning service that we offer in unmatchable in the market. Our cleaning products contain only eco-friendly and environmentally safe ingredients that are not only designed to please your customers but also to make your working atmosphere safer. Our tasks vary within the type of business the client presents to us, as we make sure we able to fulfill every business type needs necessary.

Do You Offer Any Affordable Packages?

Yes, we customized each package based on our client needs and we offer special deals to bring the smile to our client’s face. We use proven system to clean your commercial space thoroughly. Budget cleaning packages allow you to save much amount of money as well as cover all your cleaning needs. We offer services at unmatchable rates. Of course, the dedicated team of experts not only excel within requirements at the same time exceed your expectations. We save you money and we use eco-friendly products that fit your needs. We use cleaning techniques based the size and other factors of your property.

Do I Pay Extra For An Estimate?

No, we offer free estimation for your projects, so you will get rough outline about the processing fee etc. in addition to this, we do not charge any extra amount from our clients while doing cleaning jobs. If you are interested to hire cleaning services for your commercial place don’t waste your time. Please call us to set up an appointment. One of our cleaning supervisors will come to your home or office to perform a free assessment. We offer accurate estimation, as well as our team, will customize a cleaning plan. In addition to this, we also create a checklist of services that would cover all your specific needs. If you approach our team, then we will get estimation within 24 hours of the assessment.